TOYOTA GAZOO Racing TVCM(2017)、JR東日本「行くぜ、東北。」(2021)、短編映画「Roading…」主題歌(2023)など、多数のCMや音声・映像作品等への楽曲制作活動も幅広く行っている。


GoodMoon are an Alternative Acoustic Guitar Rock duo from Japan, consisting of brothers Kimitaro and Tomojiro.

Armed with complex guitar techniques and in sync vocal harmonies unique to brothers, they have expanded their musical activities from Japan to Europe, North America, and South and East Asia.

Their music has been featured in many commercials, movies, and audio works, including JR East “Let’s Go, Tohoku” (2021), a short film “ROADING…” (2023) and Takamine guitars’ promotional movie for their brand-new limited model “LTD2024”.